What comic should I get signed by Stan Lee?

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What comic should I get signed by Stan Lee?

Standartinė JoeClark » 2017-12-30 09:31:38


I am looking to get a comic signed by Stan Lee but I don't know which comic to have him sign. To me the most obvious choice seems to be Amazing Spider-Man 300. I know that it's a popular choice, and I love Venom and Spiderman so that's a comic I would like him to sign. With that said I understand that Stan Lee did not create Venom or have any involvement in the making of spiderman 300. So would it be a mistake to buy that comic for him to sign? I know the common response would be to have him sign something he worked on personally, but I can't see anything that interests me (that's in my price range). My budget is around $200 to spend on a comic for him to sign. The only comics I own that I would have him sign would be a 9.6 spiderman 361 and a 9.4 gold lethal protector. Does any of that seem like a good choice? Any recommendations on a comic to buy for him to sign?

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