Foreign language comics?

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Foreign language comics?

Standartinė JoeClark » 2017-11-09 10:04:16


I know all the titles on GAC are English language and not all are American and here comes the but I also collect French, Spanish and Italian superhero comics. So, would anyone be interested in the adventures of Wonderman, Fulguros, Yelmo Negro, De Tweede Pimpernel, La Bolide Fantome, Fantax, Amok, Zar'o and many more? Are they public domain? Not sure of all of them but Fantax may not be.
Or, am I just being silly 'cos there is so much work still to do on North American pubs?
the right place and I'm not sure how to work all those little faces?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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