What do you look for in reading a comic?

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What do you look for in reading a comic?

Standartinė JoeClark » 2017-11-20 14:38:43


Gradually I learned to recognize art styles, first with Carl Barks, (didn't know his name when I was 8 or 9 but I did recognize his work. And yes, I was reading that young. Undoubtedly reading comics helped. Started with newspaper strips so, obviously the quality of the stories had to keep me coming back. Mandrake by Phil Davis, The Phantom, Dick Tracey, Flash Gordon (At that time by as I discovered decades later.) Started reading comics in the 50's, stopped for a while being at a Boarding School, then found the Gold Key books (talking about the early 60's) Then Marvel and DC and got back into it. So I liked certain characters and the work of certain creators.

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