As a Thor Fan did you like Thor Ragnarok more due to what's

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As a Thor Fan did you like Thor Ragnarok more due to what's

Standartinė JoeClark » 2017-11-13 14:06:06


While I am pretty sure I would have loved the film regardless of what was happening in the comics, Ragnarok was a lot more enjoyable to me right now because for the last few years we have been handed a story where Odinson loses his hammer and basically becomes a drunken loser who doesn't feel worthy of his name. Where as the movie Thor doesn't wallow in self pity and basically becomes even more dangerous without the hammer. Right now the comics have made the hammer essentially the equivalent of a green lantern ring and they make it as though the hammer makes the hero. When Odin basically told him you aren't called thor "god of hammers"I almost cheered which I pretty much never do during movies.

As the fans did you enjoy ragnarok more because of the current comics story line or am I just reading way too much into it?

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