Cairo festival honours comics of the past, paves way for fut

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Cairo festival honours comics of the past, paves way for fut

Standartinė JoeClark » 2017-09-29 07:56:06

Artists recently came together for the third annual CairoComix Festival to showcase their superheroes and honour a rich history of Arab comic books.Dozens of comic enthusiasts attended the three-day vibrant festival that displayed anime, books and new artistic projects from local and international artists, in the capital city of Cairo.

A new addition to the festival this year was a live projection of an artist at work, that demonstrated the process and style behind developing storytelling comics.CairoComix also shed light on Spanish comics, displaying the work of ten of its most prominent comics artists from different generations with one artist, Alfonso Zapico, in attendance.

A comic artist Dina Mohamed said she believes the future and past of comics are both honoured in the festival.

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