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Am I the only one who hates Anime?

StandartinėParašytas: 2017-12-30 09:29:59

I don"t understand why it is so popular, its just an art style with spiky hair and way too feminine men, i suppose i get why 10 year olds like it because its what pokemon is but there are adults who are fascinated with it! Its become way too big a trend, like crocs or long hair for guys, there is no reason for it! Ever time i walk into a book store there is a whole freaking section devoted to this stuff and how to draw it.
And because of it, half of all RPGs i see are based on Anime, rarely do we see an RPG like Fallout or KOTOR because they are all Final Fantasy style with magic and things.
I am just wondering if there is something im missing? Is there something amazing about it that i simply don"t get?

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