animation schools in Japan

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animation schools in Japan

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I've currently been interested in attending school in Japan. I've been open to the idea for awhile now, but only to persue the language. However, I'm looking more and more into animation as time goes by. I've heard of foreigners becoming animators over in Japan, attending their schools and learning their language all from scratch. I have a head start; I can speak the language. Now I'm interested in searching for schools. Problem: I've only been able to find a few online, and only one has caught my interest. I'm sure more exist instead of just three or four, so I'm curious if anyone knows of any and the qualifications to get into them. I'm not the kind of gal who takes commitment very well, and most of the schools I've looked at had a 2-year program. Perfect. Question though: does that mean you have to get a degree in fine arts before you can persure animation or comic book design?

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