Comics should be more like japanese manga.?

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Comics should be more like japanese manga.?

Standartinė JoeClark » 2017-11-28 13:23:21


Also, for those of you who have picked up the US Shonen Jump (sheesh... a subscription to this for 1 year costs about the same as a subscription for 12 issues of comics did in the 90s... IE, !$20), PICK IT UP. Each issue is JAM PACKED with literally THE BEST japanese manga in english. We're talking like 10-20x the size of a normal $3 comic book from DC/Marvel. Oh, and then there's the yugioh cards you can pretty much auction off to pay for your subscription.
In all honesty, can you think of a major ongoing comic book from Marvel or DC that could be adapted for a cartoon as easily?

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