What Advertising is on Scratch.?

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What Advertising is on Scratch.?

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On Scratch, advertising is when a Scratcher posts a link to a project, studio, or forum on someone elses profile. Most of the time it causes spam, and usually, people get annoyed when there is a lot of spam. Sometimes it's fine when a Scratcher wants someone else to advertise on their profile, but if you can tell that they are going to get annoyed by the advertisement.
Sometimes it is good to keep you updated on a project, studio, or forum when you want to know what is going on in that certain thing. However, it is always good to ask for permission about whether or not the user wants to be advertised on or not. If the project, studio, or forum isn't necessary to the user, or isn't informative, you should not advertise, especially if you have advertised and they have told you to stop.

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